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Alaska + Arctic Geospatial Data API

Built by the Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning

Physiography Point Query

Query the EPA Level III Ecoregions of Alaska at a single point specified by latitude and longitude.

Example: /physiography/point/65.0628/-146.1627

Results from the query above will look like this:

  "name": "Interior Highlands",
  "title": "EPA Level III Ecoregions of Alaska"
  • title: (str), Title describing these results.
  • name: (str), EPA Level III Ecoregion name.
Data Layer Download link Source Notes
EPA Level III Ecoregions for Alaska Alaska Level III Shapefile (3 MB) EPA Ecoregions Ecoregions are essentially equivalent to the more archaic "physiographic provinces." Ecoregions do combine landscape and vegetation variables, but have less detail about vegetation when compared to "land cover" or "forest type" datasets. Topography plays a prominent role.