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Alaska + Arctic Geospatial Data API

Built by the Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning

Pan–Arctic Sea Ice Concentration Point Query

This endpoint accesses historical monthly data on sea ice concentration in the Arctic from 1850–2021.

Historical queries for data at given latitude / longitude

Query the historical sea ice concentration at lat / lon:

Example: /seaice/point/63.73/−166.32

Results from the queries above will look like this:
  "1850-01": 100,
  "1850-02": 98,
  "1850-03": 96,
The above output is structured like this:
  "<year>–<month>": <sea ice concentration for one of the 12 months in a year>

Source data

Gridded Historical Dataset Historical Date Range Spatial Resolution Spatial Coverage
Sea Ice Concentrations from Nimbus–7 SMMR and DMSP SSM/I–SSMIS Passive Microwave Data, Version 1 1850–2022 25 km N: 90, S: 30.98, E: 180, W: −180